Edge Works Performance

Our Services

We use modern and traditional sharpening methods and procedures. Our techniques are recommended by well-known scissor manufactures throughout the world and regularly update our sharpening techniques by attending seminars and shows.

We have gone through extensive training with master sharpeners and perfected all sharpening techniques.

With years of experience in the industry, we understand the importance of how scissors and clipper blades should perform and how vital it is to have scissors sharp, smooth and performing just right.


We stand 100% behind our work and our unique service has established a place in the industry.

We specialize in sharpening all Japanese and European scissors including  Shisato, Matsuzaki, Hikari, Kasho, Yasaka, Joewell  and our premium brands of scissors.

We remove absolute minimal amount of steel during the sharpening process to create a long lasting edge and increase the life of your scissors and clipper blades.

We also attend Hair Academies and Schools to offer classes and training sessions to educate the students about scissors .


Precision Clipper Blade Sharpening

We use the most advanced sharpening equipment with the precision, consistency of our system we guarantee your clipper blades will be sharpened to the original factory specifications.

Clipper Repair
We service and repair most brands of clippers and offer replacement parts

We sell all brands of clipper blades.


Sharpening Service Includes:

  • Inspection for damage such as nicks, alignment, set and ride line
  • The scissors are taken apart, cleaned and disinfected with isopropyl alcohol
  • We triple hone each blade using Japanese techniques to re-establish the ride line in order to give it a smooth feeling
  • Re-sharpen the blades to the required angle
  • Convex and polish
  • Replace parts if necessary such as bumpers, washers, screws and finger rests (finger rests are $5.00 extra).
  • Blades are re-assembled, oiled, balanced, re-set the tension and then tested for Quality control.
  • We offer a 7 day guarantee on all our sharpening


Scissor Maintenance

Scissor maintenance is very critical to keep the edge working in optimum performance. At the end of each working day, the scissors should be wiped down with a chamois. Place a small amount of isopropyl alcohol on the chamois and wipe each  blade  separately. (careful not to cut yourself).

Regularly oil the scissors in the pivot area and around the screw head using Quality scissor oil.

Sharpening is recommended every 3 to 6 months (unless they are dropped or damaged)

Keep scissors closed when not in use and store them in a scissor case or holster.

Check and adjust proper tension daily. Tight tension will cause blades to damage and cause nicks to the blades. If the tension is not adjusted,  they will not cut properly.

You should only cut hair and nothing else.

Regular servicing will prolong the life of the scissors and helps reduce repetitive strain on your wrists and thumb.